Previous Speakers

This page lists speakers that have given talks at our group meetings in reverse chronological order, as well as a short blurb on their topic of choice. The Previous Schedules section below lists the schedules for previous semesters.

Previous Schedules

Below you can find schedules for previous semesters.


Date Assignee Topic
02/01/2019 Ian Miers Ian’s Job Talk
02/08/2019 Tyler Kell Stories from the Frontlines: Pentesting (Note: Ari away)
02/15/2019 Cancelled due to the IC3 retreat
02/22/2019 Nobody Recent advances in cryptocurrencies reading group. Paper TBD.
03/01/2019 Steven Goldfeder Joseph Bonneau (NYU) will present his work on Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs). For more info on this research area, see
03/08/2019 CANCELLED
NYC Crypto Day
03/15/2019 Yan Ji
Amplify Selfish Mining in a World with Rational Players
03/22/2019 CANCELLED
03/29/2019 Deepak Maram CHURP: CHUrn-Robust Proactive Secret Sharing
04/05/2019 Phil Daian
Flash Boys 2.0: Frontrunning, Latency Wars, and Instability in Decentralized Exchanges
04/12/2019 Iddo Bentov Mimblewimble Overview & Discussion
04/19/2019 Ethan Cecchetti Information Flow and its Application to Smart Contracts
04/26/2019 Lorenz Breidenbach CANCELED
05/03/2019 Nobody Recent advances in cryptocurrencies reading group. Paper TBD.
05/10/2019 Jasleen Malvai Benedikt Bünz (Stanford) will be presenting his paper Batching Techniques for Accumulators with Applications to IOPs and Stateless Blockchains.
05/17/2019 Mahimna Kelkar Fairness for Centralized Services
05/24/2019 Fan Zhang Ted Yin from Cornell and Ava Labs will present Scalable and Probabilistic Leaderless BFT Consensus through Metastability.
05/31/2019 Nobody Short meta-meeting to discuss administrativa
06/07/2019 Nobody CANCELED
06/14/2019 Nobody CANCELED – IC3 ETH Bootcamp
06/21/2019 Nobody Brainstorming Meeting to discuss research data
06/28/2019 Jasleen Malvai Soumya Basu will be talking about topic “TBD”
07/05/2019 Steven Goldfeder TBD
07/12/2019 Iddo Bentov TBD
07/19/2019 Fan Zhang Reading AVSS paper.
07/26/2019 Deepak Maram TBD
08/02/2019 Yan Ji Yan will lead a group discussion on XClaim, a trustlesss cryptocurrency backed assets system
08/06/2019 Tyler Kell One of Tyler’s friends that prefers to remain anonymous will be talking about threat modeling and architecture design review.
08/16/2019 Mahimna Kelkar
Yue Guo from Cornell and Thunder Research will present “Synchronous, with a Chance of Partition Tolerance” from Crypto ’19
08/27/2019 Phil Daian Phil will talk about Joe Bonneau and Andrew Miller’s Fawkescoin paper
09/03/2019 Ethan Cecchetti Ethan will lead a talk about DAML.
09/10/2019 Tyler Kell Haaroon Yousaf will be presenting his recent work “Tracing Transactions Across Cryptocurrency Ledgers” from USENIX Security ’19
09/17/2019 Noa Oved Noa’s friend Gal will present “Transactional Data Structure Libraries” – a paper about transactional memory.
09/24/2019 Jasleen Malvai Jasleen will be presenting her work on “SEEMless: Secure End-to-End Encrypted Messaging with Less Trust
10/01/2019 Fan Zhang Jiaheng Zhang from Berkeley will present their CRYTP’19 paper Libra: Succinct Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Optimal Prover Computation.
10/08/2019 Yan Ji Yan will be discussing the last few months of her research with people outside the group.
10/15/2019 Steven Goldfeder TBD
10/22/2019 Iddo Bentov TBD
10/29/2019 Deepak Maram Vasilios Mavroudis will be presenting his recent paper Libra: Fair Order-Matching for Electronic Financial Exchanges.
11/05/2019 Mahimna Kelkar Tom Yurek from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign will be discussing his CCS 2019 paper HoneyBadgerMPC and AsynchroMix: Practical Asynchronous MPC and its Application to Anonymous Communication.
11/12/2019 Cancelled due to CCS
11/19/2019 Phil Daian Phil will be talking about “Blockchain Protocol Security in the Age of DeFi”
11/26/2019 Quick scrum and various administrativa, but no presentation this week.
12/03/2019 Ari Juels Guest lecture by James Grimmelmann
12/10/2019 Phil Daian
12/17/2019 Fan Zhang I’ll present OPERA: Open Remote Attestation for Intel’s Secure Enclaves from CCS’19.
12/24/2019 Yan Ji TBD
12/31/2019 NOBODY Winter Holidays
01/21/2020 Tyler Kell TBD
01/28/2020 Fan Zhang Job Talk
02/04/2020 Jasleen Malvai TBD
02/11/2020 Yan Ji TBD
02/18/2020 Iddo Bentov TBD
02/25/2020 Mahimna Kelkar TBD
03/3/2020 Steven Goldfeder TBD
03/10/2020 Deepak Maram TBD
03/17/2020 Ethan Cecchetti TBD
03/24/2020 Phil Daian TBD
03/31/2020 Tyler Kell TBD
04/07/2020 Fan Zhang TBD
04/14/2020 Jasleen Malvai TBD
04/21/2020 Yan Ji TBD
04/28/2020 Iddo Bentov TBD
05/5/2020 Mahimna Kelkar TBD
05/12/2020 Tyler Kell TBD
05/19/2020 Steven Goldfeder TBD
05/26/2020 Fan Zhang
We’ll have Long Chen from NJIT to present Proof of Storage-Time: Efficiently CheckingContinuous Data Availability (NDSS’20).
06/02/2020 Ethan Cecchetti TBD
06/09/2020 Phil Daian TBD
06/16/2020 Deepak Maram TBD
06/23/2020 Jasleen Malvai Sreeram Kannan will be giving a talk on Free2Shard: Adaptive-adversary-resistant sharding via Dynamic Self Allocation
06/30/2020 Yan Ji TBD
07/07/2020 Iddo Bentov TBD
07/14/2020 Sishan Long AIRS research update
07/21/2020 Kushal Babel Benjamin Y Chan will be giving a talk on Streamlet: Simplifying Consensus.
07/28/2020 NOBODY CANCELED in favor of the IC3 Annual Blockchain Summer Camp
08/04/2020 Mahimna Kelkar TBD
08/11/2020 Tyler Kell Tyler will give a talk about modal editing, and vim tips.
08/18/2020 Jasleen Malvai Jasleen will be giving a practice talk about CanDID.
08/25/2020 Phil Daian TBD
09/01/2020 Deepak Maram TBD
09/08/2020 Ari Juels The “Research Stork:” where do good research ideas come from?
09/15/2020 N/A Everyone will bring a 5 minute presentation about a research idea they haven’t used yet.
09/22/2020 Iddo Bentov TBD
09/30/2020 Ethan Cecchetti Ethan will be giving a primer on Information-Flow Control (IFC).
10/07/2020 Kushal Babel Kushal discussed Miner Extractable Value (MEV)
10/14/2020 Sishan Long Jun-You Liu will be talking about Stablecoins 2.0: Economic Foundations and Risk-based Models.
10/21/2020 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna will be running a list of 10 exciting research ideas for group discussion.
10/28/2020 Yan Ji Yunhao Zhang will be talking about his new OSDI paper: Byzantine Ordered Consensus without Byzantine Oligarchy.
11/04/2020 Iddo Bentov Iddo will present on fair secret sharing.
11/11/2020 Sarah Allen Phil will be leading a discussion on the ethics of releasing research that has direct financial implications to blockchain users.
11/18/2020 Tyler Kell George Kappos and Haaroon Yousaf will be talking about their recent lightning network research.
11/25/2020 NOBODY Thanksgiving Holiday
12/02/2020 Jasleen Malvai Jasleen gave a talk on “Meal Prepping Healthy SNARKS.”
12/09/2020 NOBODY Canceled in favor of IC3 Winter Retreat
12/16/2020 Phil Daian Phil led another discussion on ethics
12/23/2020 NOBODY Winter Break Holiday
12/30/2020 NOBODY Winter Break Holiday
01/06/2021 Deepak Maram TBD
01/13/2021 Ari Juels Ari spoke about his Ring of Gyges paper.
01/20/2021 NOBODY Canceled for the Inauguration
01/27/2021 Ethan Cecchetti TBD
02/03/2021 Kushal Babel TBD
02/10/2021 Sishan Long Sishan gave a talk on Ansible
02/17/2021 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna gave a talk on order fairness.
02/24/2021 Yan Ji Yan gave a talk on Blockchain Denial of Service (BDoS) attacks.
03/03/2021 Iddo Bentov Iddo gave a talk about mitigating issues with people uploading illegal data to Bitcoin
03/10/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah will give a quick introduction to behavioral economics and evolutionary psychology.
03/17/2021 Tyler Kell Tyler gave a talk about DeFi.
03/24/2021 Jasleen Malvai Alin Tomescu will be giving a talk on vector commitments
03/31/2021 Deepak Maram Deepak and Jasleen will be giving a joint practice talk on CanDID
04/07/2021 Phil Daian Phil will give a talk called “The Third Door: Is Bribery Amazing or What?”
04/14/2021 Ari Juels Ari will be leading a discussion called NFT Design Fest
04/21/2021 Ethan Cecchetti Ethan discussed the VERY recent paper “On the Feasibility of Stealthily Introducing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Software via Hypocrite Commits” and the drama around the Linux Kernel patches
04/28/2021 Kushal Babel Kushal talked about proof systems (Coq, K framework) for formal verification.
05/05/2021 NOBODY Cancelled in favor of giving more time for the CCS deadline
05/12/2021 Sishan Long Soubhik Deb gave a talk on PoSAT Proof of Work Availability and Unpredictability without the Work
05/19/2021 Andrew Miller This session is a crossover episode with Andrew Miller’s group at UIUC to lead a discussion and brainstorming session about NFTs.
05/26/2021 Tyler Kell Tyler will be giving a talk about memes.
06/02/2021 Jasleen Malvai Fractal SNARK Tutorial: Bring a pen and paper.
06/09/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah will be talking about her recent Forsage research.
06/16/2021 Mahimna Kelkar TBD
06/23/2021 Yan Ji Yashvanth Kondi will be giving a talk on “Proactive Threshold Wallets with Offline Devices.”
06/30/2021 Deepak Maram Aravind spoke about his recent paper “Lockable Signatures for Blockchains: Scriptless Scripts for All Signatures.”
07/07/2021 Nobody The group had a brief discussion about MEV, and takeaways from the MEV virtual summit the previous week.
07/14/2021 Ethan Cecchetti This meeting is canceled for Ethan’s B Exam. Attend the exam!
07/21/2021 Phil Daian Phil gave a talk on MEV related topics.
07/28/2021 NOBODY Canceled in favor of the IC3 Summer camp
08/04/2021 Ari Juels NFT Design session.
08/11/2021 Kushal Babel Kushal talked about Charlotte: Composable Authenticated Distributed Data Structures.
08/18/2021 N/A CANCELED in favor of S&P submission
08/24/2021 Sishan Long Sishan gave a talk on the Latency, Thoroughput, Block Size and Decentralization tradeoffs.
08/31/2021 Tyler Kell Blaine Malone will be giving a talk on EIP-2981 and NFT Royalties.
09/07/2021 Jasleen Malvai Jasleen gave a talk on mental poker.
09/14/2021 CANCELED N/A
09/21/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah is hosting a brainstorming session on NFTs.
09/28/2021 Mahimna Kelkar Zach Lieberman will join us for a discussion about NFTs.
10/05/2021 Yan Ji Zach Lieberman will join us again for a discussion about NFTs.
10/12/2021 Nate Rothschild + Ruth Goutkovitch Nate & Ruth will be giving a presentation based on the work they’ve done for their internship.
10/19/2021 Phil Daian Phil gave an introductory talk in the “metaverse” and virtual reality. We used for this.
10/26/2021 Deepak Maram Deepak forgot to prepare anything and we had a brainstorming discussion about NFTs.
11/02/2021 Deepak Maram Deepak invited Mahimna, who gave a talk on improvements in MPC.
11/09/2021 Ari Juels Ari invited Tyler, who gave a talk on NFT.NYC.
11/16/2021 Kushal Babel Kushal presented a recent SOSP paper about Kauri: scalable BFT consensus.
11/23/2021 Sishan Long Florian Suri-Payer gave a talk on Basil Breaking up BFT with ACID Transactions.
11/30/2021 Tyler Kell Patricio Worthalter gave a talk on the Proof of Attendance Protocol.
12/07/2021 Jasleen Malvai Tom Yurek will discuss his recent NDSS paper: “hbACSS: How to Robustly Share Many Secrets
01/04/2021 Nobody We discussed administrativa and organization for meetings for the year.
01/11/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah presented on the IRB approval process and we discussed research ethics.
01/18/2022 Nate Rothschild We brainstormed heuristics for identifying malicious NFTs from benign ones.
01/25/2022 Yan Ji Yan has a speaker from Dawn’s group to talk about Zk snark research.
02/01/2022 Phil Daian TBD
02/08/2022 Ari Juels Ari gave a talk on his testimony in congress
02/15/2022 Nobody Skipped this week
02/22/2022 Kushal Babel TBD
03/01/2022 Deepak Maram TBD
03/08/2022 Everyone Round Robin AriDG, 3-5 minutes per person to talk about something, anything.
03/15/2022 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna gave a talk about pi and some of its fun properties.
03/22/2022 Sishan Long Sishan gave a talk on cryptology and historical crypto-schemes.
03/29/2022 Jasleen Malvai Mikerah Quentin-Collins will be presenting on MPC and related research ideas.
04/05/2022 Nobody Spring Break
04/12/2022 Tyler Kell Sebastian Büergel from Hopr Network will be coming to give a talk about the research issues they have in their work.
04/19/2022 Sarah Allen Sarah gave a talk on Money Laundering in the Contemporary Art Market X NFTs
04/26/2022 Nate Rothschild Tyler Kell gave an overview talk on all of IC3’s research and solicited feedback for the content of the talk.
05/03/2022 Everyone Round Robin AriDG, 3-5 minute lightning talk per person to talk about something, anything.
05/10/2022 Yan Ji Yuncong Hu from Berkeley gave a talk on Decentralized Ledgers Design and Applications.
05/17/2022 Ari Juels Sunoo Park came to brainstorm and discuss research topics with the group.
05/24/2022 Phil Daian Phil gave a review of the recent Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul paper.
05/31/2022 Jasleen Malvai
Jasleen gave a practice talk on her recent work at Meta.
06/07/2022 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna presented on the Balls and Bins problem
06/14/2022 Deepak Maram Deepak gave a talk on an optimal authentication mechanism paper he and Mahimna are working on.
06/21/2022 Nobody Canceled for NFT NYC
06/28/2022 Kushal Babel Kushal gave a talk on his recent paper SHORTSTACK: Distributed, Fault-tolerant, Oblivious Data Access
07/05/2022 Nobody Canceled for July 4.
07/12/2022 Sishan Long Sishan led a survey on how to do good research.
07/19/2022 Canceled Ari on vacation
07/26/2022 Tyler Kell Tyler walked through the Trail of bits report : Are Blockchains Decentralized?
08/02/2022 Canceled Canceled for IC3 Summer Camp
08/09/2022 Everyone Round Robin AriDG, 3-5 minute lightning talk per person to talk about something, anything.
08/16/2022 Sarah Allen Feedback on the IC3 Summer Camp
09/13/2022 Yan Ji Yan gave a talk on Vireo, a practical verifiable reputation system
09/20/2022 Phil Daian Phil gave a talk on MEV boost. Recommended resources: All SBC MEV workshop talks; Builder innovation after the merge: Slides, Video; Vitalik talk about decentralization: Slides, Video, Blog post
09/27/2022 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna invited Joachim Neu to give a talk entitled Ethereum After The Merge: Is It Still Secure? based on a series of his work [NNT21, NNT22, D’ANNT22].
10/04/2022 Ari Juels Feedback on the NFT Gallery
10/11/2022 Cancelled
10/18/2022 Sishan Long Sishan gave a talk on Arweave and discussed research opportunities and challenges in permanent storage.
10/25/2022 Carolina Ortega Perez Carolinar gave a talk on the whistleblowing project to disincentivize collusion in fair ordering protocols.
11/01/2022 James Richard Austgen James gave a talk on Bitcoin and its evolution.
11/08/2022 Deepak Maram Deepak invited Lefteris Kokoris-Kogias to give a talk entitled The Sui Smart-Contract Platform: A Technical Introduction.
11/15/2022 Andres Fabrega Andres gave a talk on On One-way Functions and Kolmogorov Complexity
11/22/2022 Everyone Round Robin AriDG, 3-5 minute lightning talk per person to talk about something, anything.
11/28/2022 Everyone Attempt to break something.
12/05/2022 Deepak Maram Deepak’s B Exam.