Group Schedule

This is the group schedule page. Below is the calendar of group meetings. We currently meet on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Bloomberg 397.

Meetings begin with a quick scrum: 30 seconds to 1 minute per-person (this is a hard time cap at 1 minute, no more allowed) description of what they did last week and what they’re working on. No interruptions, no tangents, and no questions are allowed during this time.

REMEMBER: you must either get a speaker, or prepare a 20 minute talk with slides on either your work or someone else’s.

See the previous speakers page for previous speaker bios + archives of the previous schedules for prior semesters.





Date Assignee Topic
01/04/2021 Nobody We discussed administrativa and organization for meetings for the year.
01/11/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah presented on the IRB approval process and we discussed research ethics.
01/18/2022 Nate Rothschild We brainstormed heuristics for identifying malicious NFTs from benign ones.
01/25/2022 Yan Ji Yan has a speaker from Dawn’s group to talk about Zk snark research.
02/01/2022 Phil Daian TBD
02/08/2022 Ari Juels Ari gave a talk on his testimony in congress
02/15/2022 Nobody Skipped this week
02/22/2022 Kushal Babel TBD
03/01/2022 Deepak Maram TBD
03/08/2022 Everyone Round Robin AriDG, 3-5 minutes per person to talk about something, anything.
03/15/2022 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna gave a talk about pi and some of its fun properties.
03/22/2022 Sishan Long Sishan gave a talk on cryptology and historical crypto-schemes.
03/29/2022 Jasleen Malvai Mikerah Quentin-Collins will be presenting on MPC and related research ideas.
04/05/2022 Nobody Spring Break
04/12/2022 Tyler Kell Sebastian Büergel from Hopr Network will be coming to give a talk about the research issues they have in their work.
04/19/2022 Sarah Allen Sarah gave a talk on Money Laundering in the Contemporary Art Market X NFTs
04/26/2022 Nate Rothschild Tyler Kell gave an overview talk on all of IC3’s research and solicited feedback for the content of the talk.
05/03/2022 Everyone Round Robin AriDG, 3-5 minute lightning talk per person to talk about something, anything.
05/10/2022 Yan Ji Yuncong Hu from Berkeley gave a talk on Decentralized Ledgers Design and Applications.
05/17/2022 Ari Juels Sunoo Park came to brainstorm and discuss research topics with the group.
05/24/2022 Phil Daian Phil gave a review of the recent Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul paper.
05/31/2022 Jasleen Malvai
Jasleen gave a practice talk on her recent work at Meta.
06/07/2022 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna presented on the Balls and Bins problem
06/14/2022 Deepak Maram Deepak gave a talk on an optimal authentication mechanism paper he and Mahimna are working on.
06/21/2022 Nobody Canceled for NFT NYC
06/28/2022 Kushal Babel Kushal gave a talk on his recent paper SHORTSTACK: Distributed, Fault-tolerant, Oblivious Data Access
07/05/2022 Nobody Canceled for July 4.
07/12/2022 Sishan Long
07/19/2022 Tyler Kell