Group Schedule

This is the group schedule page. Below is the calendar of group meetings. We currently meet on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Bloomberg 397.

Meetings begin with a quick scrum: 30 seconds to 1 minute per-person (this is a hard time cap at 1 minute, no more allowed) description of what they did last week and what they’re working on. No interruptions, no tangents, and no questions are allowed during this time.

REMEMBER: you must either get a speaker, or prepare a 20 minute talk with slides on either your work or someone else’s.

See the previous speakers page for previous speaker bios + archives of the previous schedules for prior semesters.



Date Assignee Topic
12/23/2020 NOBODY Winter Break Holiday
12/30/2020 NOBODY Winter Break Holiday
01/06/2021 Deepak Maram TBD
01/13/2021 Ari Juels Ari spoke about his Ring of Gyges paper.
01/20/2021 NOBODY Canceled for the Inauguration
01/27/2021 Ethan Cecchetti TBD
02/03/2021 Kushal Babel TBD
02/10/2021 Sishan Long Sishan gave a talk on Ansible
02/17/2021 Mahimna Kelkar Mahimna gave a talk on order fairness.
02/24/2021 Yan Ji Yan gave a talk on Blockchain Denial of Service (BDoS) attacks.
03/03/2021 Iddo Bentov Iddo gave a talk about mitigating issues with people uploading illegal data to Bitcoin
03/10/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah will give a quick introduction to behavioral economics and evolutionary psychology.
03/17/2021 Tyler Kell Tyler gave a talk about DeFi.
03/24/2021 Jasleen Malvai Alin Tomescu will be giving a talk on vector commitments
03/31/2021 Deepak Maram Deepak and Jasleen will be giving a joint practice talk on CanDID
04/07/2021 Phil Daian Phil will give a talk called “The Third Door: Is Bribery Amazing or What?”
04/14/2021 Ari Juels Ari will be leading a discussion called NFT Design Fest
04/21/2021 Ethan Cecchetti Ethan discussed the VERY recent paper “On the Feasibility of Stealthily Introducing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Software via Hypocrite Commits” and the drama around the Linux Kernel patches
04/28/2021 Kushal Babel Kushal talked about proof systems (Coq, K framework) for formal verification.
05/05/2021 NOBODY Cancelled in favor of giving more time for the CCS deadline
05/12/2021 Sishan Long Soubhik Deb gave a talk on PoSAT Proof of Work Availability and Unpredictability without the Work
05/19/2021 Andrew Miller This session is a crossover episode with Andrew Miller’s group at UIUC to lead a discussion and brainstorming session about NFTs.
05/26/2021 Tyler Kell Tyler will be giving a talk about memes.
06/02/2021 Jasleen Malvai Fractal SNARK Tutorial: Bring a pen and paper.
06/09/2021 Sarah Allen Sarah will be talking about her recent Forsage research.
06/16/2021 Mahimna Kelkar TBD
06/23/2021 Yan Ji Yashvanth Kondi will be giving a talk on “Proactive Threshold Wallets with Offline Devices.”
06/30/2021 Deepak Maram TBD
07/07/2021 Phil Daian TBD
07/14/2021 Ari Juels TBD
07/21/2021 Ethan Cecchetti TBD
07/28/2021 Kushal Babel TBD
08/04/2021 Sishan Long TBD
08/11/2021 Mahimna Kelkar TBD
08/18/2021 Yan Ji TBD
08/25/2021 Sarah Allen TBD